About Us

SABZ SWIMWEAR was founded in Peru in 1994 as a luxury swimwear brand and has expanded its product portfolio to satisfy women complete need for luxury through unique beachwear lifestyle products. Beatriz Salas and Sandra Delgado co-founders and childhood friends began pursuing their dream of creating a unique brand seeking to revolutionize the market.

Sabz is the leader swimwear luxury brand in Peru with presence in more than twenty countries. With three stand-alone stores in Lima and exposure in several department stores in South America and top boutiques around the world. Sabz Swimwear has featured in style fashion magazines such as Sport Illustrated,Glamour and Vogue.

Along the years we have been able to reach a perfect fit that makes our products extremely comfortable . Our swimwear has been rigorously tried and tested to fit women of all ages.

Our products are known for their unique innovative style. Our apparel is meticulously designed. The design, distribution and manufacturing processes have been carefully analyzed to achieve top international quality standards.